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I’m so excited to share the secrets I wish I knew when I started my journey to mindful living: 1. The best breathwork technique to calm your mind and soothe your nervous system 2. Music and brain entrainment technology to deepen your meditation 3. Embodied practices to integrate mindfulness into your daily life 4. Holistic nutrition and neuroscience to elevate your mood 5. How to awaken your inner hero, live on purpose and manifest your dreams

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For more than 10 years, Daniel Matallana has been empowering hundreds of people around the globe with his wisdom, warmth, and authenticity. He is a Colombian author, consultant, and meditation coach on a mission to help you become your Highest Self. Daniel was trained by Buddhist monks from the Peace Revolution project in Thailand, as well as Amazonian shamans, clinical psychologists and conscious business owners. He is a certified nutrition & yoga coach, and proud founder of The Self-Love Project, an online platform for healing, leadership, and global transformation. Daniel is currently based in Qatar, Middle East, where he works as a corporate wellness consultant.

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What Our Clients Say!

Meeting Daniel was nothing less than revealing. His therapies have led me to discover a world of new and necessary elements: meditation, massage, magic… It’s been a blessing.

Moises Bertrán, Catalan Composer

I recently received a Thai Massage from Daniel and was left feeling completely rejuvenated. The experience was extremely therapeutic. I have acute tendonitis in my knee which is an ongoing problem, but after one massage. ​I was pain-free for over two months, something I have not experienced through any other form of therapy.

Catherine Busk, Dancer and Choreographer

Daniel’s art is to refine his authentic training in yoga, meditation and Thai traditional medicine, his natural intelligence and above all his good heart into a form of treatment which many seek but few ​are lucky enough to find. Following a course of weekly sessions over a two month period has been a process of reawakening and reconnecting with energy levels which I had long left dormant. I can honestly say that Daniel’s ‘multidimensional’ approach has been a uniquely therapeutic and restorative experience.

Jonathan Sinclair, British linguist and businessman

Honestly, I haven’t felt like seeing any other therapist since having a life-changing treatment with Daniel, who is truly committed to giving. Our best session was one in which he intuitively led me to a burst of laughter, shedding light over a dark and difficult moment in my life. From that day onwards I was connected to him at a heart level… Now I’m just waiting for him to come back so we can keep healing and learning!

Pilar Ferrer, Colombian entrepreneur and tantra teacher

I have finally found the guidance I needed. After taking Daniel’s online course, I have learned how to live a happy and fulfilled life through the daily practice of meditation. This has helped me understand that gratitud, inner peace and positivity are my non-negotiable priorities. Thanks to his coaching and knowledge, I feel on track to creating a magnificent life!

Diana Palacios, Colombian educator from Quibdo

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