911, 2020

How to create your own meditation retreat at home

What if quarantine was our best opportunity for growth, healing, and self-development? A few weeks ago, when I found out about the lockdown, I told myself: “Alright, we can do this. I’m a meditation teacher, so let’s use this time wisely and focus on mental health and personal growth.” Guess what happened next? I woke up bombarded with memes and toxic messages on my phone. I felt paralyzed with information [...]

911, 2020

Meditation: the Ancient Medicine of the Future

It’s certainly not a coincidence that both the words ‘medicine’ and ‘meditation’ come from the same etymological root: the Greek prefix “med”, which alludes to a medium point in between two opposites or, in other words, to that subtle state of balance we hear so much about in health blogs and yoga lessons but rarely get the chance to truly interiorize.  In this brief post I’ll share my experience of [...]

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