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  March 24: Clean up your words - Fast from complaints

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"It's surprising how many persons go through life without ever recognizing that their feelings toward others are largely determined by their feelings toward themselves. If you're not comfortable within yourself, you can't be comfortable with others."

Welcome to day 4! We continue to dive deep into Self Love by cleaning up our negative speech and thought patterns.

Take a moment to breathe and ask yourself this question:

When was the last time you listened to you own voice? I mean, really listened to its unique pitch, tone and texture? Your voice is a powerful transmitter of frequency and vibration. Unfortunaley, most of us go through our daily activities without this awareness. That's why it's so common for people to live in perpetual complaint, victim-hood and negativity. We are here to shift those unconscious patterns by trading complaints for unconditional appreciation.

This is your opportunity to rediscover your voice and use it for the purpose of LOVE. Visualize your throat, vocal chords and mouth connected to your inner heart. Feel and listen to your voice as if it was the voice of your beloved. Every time you utter a word, imagine a drop of sweet honey, a beautiful liquid gem coming out through your mouth and covering the space around you with the light of beauty and truth. How can you speak from this heart space and use your voice to generate more LOVE?

Today's SLP is very simple:

  • Go on a permanent complaint fast! Don't complain ever again, not for little or big things. Stop focusing on what you don't have and use your voice as a vehicle of gratitude, honesty and love. Trust me, this will be a life-changing habit.