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  March 25: Clean up your body - Gentle juice or water fast

"Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Live to LOVE."

Welcome to Day 5! How do you feel after not complaining at all for the last 24 hours? Please don't stop here! Use this momentum to carry on with the practice of ZERO COMPLAINTS for the rest of this challenge and beyond! You'll thank me later...

Before we jump into today's practice, I encourage you to schedule a time in your day when you log into this course and go through the content. Personally I do it every afternoon after work. What time works best for you? Choose a time and remember that consistency is key to developing a new habit.

This is your opportunity to take you body on a healing holiday by doing a gentle water or juice fast. Nutrition is a very personal topic so I won't prescribe a specific kind of fast. All I suggest is for you to go on a full 24-hour period with pure liquid nutrition. This can be green juices or just water. Avoid fruits and focus on alkaline drinks that will rejuvenate your cells. Ideally, you can take on the daily habit of intermittant fasting.This is an ancient practice that has amazing health benefits and will increase your energy, focus and overall wellbeing.

DAY 5 SLP: fast from solid food for at least 24 hours. Do your own research, follow your intuition, do what feels good to your body and above all commit to your fasting. You'll feel amazing!