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  March 26: Clean up your environment - Room, house and workplace

"The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness and love living within that environment."

Marie Kondo

Welcome to day 6! How was your fast yesterday? However it unfolded for you, remember to take it easy and give thanks to yourself for even considering this amazing possibility.

Today we are giving love to our physical environment since it is an immediate extension of our body and mind. There's a beautiful Austrian artist called Hundertwasser who says that our skin is just the first layer of a much larger body. According to him, we have five skins which we should love and clean equally: our epidermis, clothes, house, social identity, and the entire planet. If you think about, living in a messy space is an act of self-hatred. You are here to shift those unconscious patterns and give yourself the best. This is your opportunity to play some awesome background music, get your hands dirty and tidy up!

Today's SLP: Clean up your environment! Whether it's your room, car, kitchen or work desk. Don't try to clean it all up at once. Choose a simple goal you can achieve today and celebrate your success by giving yourself a big hug! Don't forget to share your before and after pics on our Facebook group.