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  April 8: Envision your bright future

"The future is so bright, it burns my eyes."

Welcome to day 20!

As we reach the end of this 21-Day journey. it's crucial to connect to a compelling future that keeps us excited and motivated to nourish the seeds we've planted. How does the future feel like? What is your perfect average day like? Where do you live, who do you wake up with, what do you do for work and play? Remember: rather than feeling bad because you don't have this yet, the key to envisioning a bright future is to feel good about this possibility right now and give thanks before it arrives. Have full faith that your dreams will become a reality, and that everything you desire is being prepared in the cosmic kitchen.

Here's your SLP for today:

  • Breathe in the energy of your future! Feel it in every cell in your body. Write it down or speak it out loud if it feels good. Can you make it brighter, more fun and exciting? Don't worry about the specific details or the images. Focus on your feelings. How do you want to feel when you wake up tomorrow? And how can you increase your self-love right now to ensure predictable results?

Enjoy the process and please share your beautiful visions in our Facebook group!

"The future is so bright, it burns my eyes."

Welcome to day 20! As we come to the end of our 21-day journey, it's important to stay connected to the feeling of a compelling future. Even though self-love can only truly happen in the present moment, it is our future that will pull us towards deeper layers of growth, fulfilment and expansion. As the saying goes, keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars.

Here's your SLP for today:

  • Take a moment to envision your ideal future! Rather than feeling bad because you don't have it yet, the key to making this a reality is to focus on feelings of gratefulness and excitement, almost as if your vision was already here. Where do you live? Who do you wake up with? What do you do for work or play? How does your average perfect day look like? Don't be shy: smile, meditate and write this down as you breathe in those beautiful qualities! Can you feel the awesome brightness of your future? Don't worry about specific details or images. Simply focus on the emotions this vision awakens in you. Remember that you are a powerful creator, and that the seeds you plant today will inevitably blossom as long as you nourish them every day.

Have fun with your SLP and do share your future visions in our FB group!