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  April 9: Celebrate and rejoice in your merit

"The more you celebrate yourself, the more there is to celebrate."

Welcome to day 21 and congratulations for completing our self-love challenge! If you think about it, not that many people in the world take this amount of time and commitment to consciously cultivating kindness, generosity and better habits. You are a love hero and should be proud of yourself! Regardless of your ups and downs along the journey, you've completed our challenge and have the momentum to carry on this loving energy into your future. This is not the end but rather the first day for the rest of your life!

Here's your SLP for today:

  • Celebrate! Do whatever feels good and truthful to your heart. Before you go to bed tonight, take a moment to write down the most beautiful moments you experienced during these 21 days. Who did you impact? What loving gifts did you discover? Do you feel closer to your own heart, to your true self ? Rejoicing in our merit is a powerful way to accelerate the process of manifesting our dream life. So go out there and celebrate the love you've generated and continue to shine in the world!

Don't ever forget the truth: YOU ARE A MESSENGER OF LOVE!

I'm honored to have shared this space with you and look forward to supporting you on your self-love journey.

May you be healthy, peaceful and happy.

Infinite blessings to you, NOW AND ALWAYS...