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Life has given me the privilege of studying with great meditation teachers from both East and West. After a decade of committed practice, and more than five years of teaching to people from all walks of life in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle-East, I can't stop raving enough about meditation: the growing evidence behind its benefits is literally mindblowing! I sincerely believe that meditation is the single-most-impactful-habit we can adopt to remain calm and confident as we navigate these times. Needless to say, we are all facing unprecedented stress and challenges.

The World Health Organization recently announced anxiety is the most common psychological disorder on the planet. With this difficult reality to address, it's a great sign of hope to have you on board this journey towards deeper calm, confidence and mental clarity. Whatever brought you here, I believe our paths have crossed for a reason. It's an honor to serve your highest good as we learn to overcome anxiety through a simple yet powerful meditation practice.

This course is your chance to discover an amazing wealth of inner resources. Our mind is a garden and thoughts are the seeds we work with moment by moment. What thought-patterns can you shift right now to support your growth? Can you gently remove some of the weeds and use them as compost for new flowers? Can you smell the subtle perfume of inner peace?

Take a deep breath and let´s dive in!

PS: If you want to know more about my story, and how meditation saved me from acute depression, check out this blogpost I wrote for Peace Revolution, a global project I volunteer for.

PS #2: Excuse my Colombian accent in the videos... I just can't hide it!

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