WONDER WOMAN 8-Week Coaching Program

Learn How To Elevate Your Energy, Unleash Your Superpowers & Become A Fully Embodied Wonder Woman!


This program is for committed women who are already on a path of spirituality and self-development but are unsure about their next move. The question is:

What do you truly want? Why do you want it in the first place? And, most importantly, how do you want to feel on a daily basis?

Our program will help you gain clarity and harmony so you can focus on the things that matter to you the most: your health, relationships and the positive impact you want to have on the world. We will set clear goals and define weekly action steps to move forward. During these 8 weeks, you will join a small group of amazing women like you to embody the energy of spiritual leadership. You will overcome the fears that have been holding you back while rewiring your brain for joy and ecstasy with world-class meditations, visualizations and brainwave entrainment tools. Our program is carefully designed to help you go deep within yourself in a safe and confidential space. You will be encouraged to release the old and create a NEW, FULLY EMBODIED WONDER WOMAN!


You’ve gotten the tap on your shoulder that you’re here for something BIG…You’re meant for something MORE. It’s time to step forward. It’s time to rise Wonder Woman!

Only A Few Spots Available.
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Our next group starts on September 12th. Private 1-1 coaching is also available. Contact us to join the tribe!

Why Is Now The Greatest Time To Join?

Own your power and shine your light!

Now more than ever we need Wonder Women like you who can guide us with love and wisdom in times of darkness. We are here to be the change we want to see. By healing and empowering yourself, you are creating a ripple effect to heal our beautiful planet.

Connect to inspiring women around the world.

You are the average of the 5 people closest to you. Proximity can be one of the most powerful forces in the universe. This is your opportunity to connect to inspiring women who will support you and hold you accountable every step of the way.

Enjoy a clear roadmap to help you discover and share your unique gifts. 

Our program includes:

• 8 live calls on Zoom: check-in, training and Q&As

• Weekly follow-ups, assignments and ongoing support

• Free access to our meditation library and Self-Love Course

Here’s what we’ll cover:

1. Create a new you: envision your future self with full clarity and focus
2. Release the old you: overcome fear, self-sabotage, and feeling “not good enough”
3. Aligning with your purpose: Dream building and the Ancient Manifestation Ritual
4. Unleashing your superpowers: kindness, generosity, truth, and Joy
5. The Emotional Guidance Scale: how to magnetize miracles and synchronicities
6. Discovering your divine feminine archetype: huntress, lover, queen, witch
7. NLP 2.0: upgrade your energy, intuition and language patterns
8. What’s next: Celebration, gratitude and supercharging your future self

This is not a quick-fix. Our program is designed to challenge and transform you on a deep cellular level. You will wake up feeling energized and excited, knowing you have what it takes to manifest your dreams. You will go to bed feeling grateful, fulfilled and connected to your divine purpose.


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    About Your Guide

    Something has brought you here. I truly believe our paths have crossed for a higher reason. My name is Daniel Matallana and I’m a Colombian healer, MA dance psychotherapist, and meditation teacher. I’ve been blessed to travel and study with great teachers, from Amazonian shamans to clinical psychologists and Buddhist monks. I’m currently based in Qatar, Middle East, where I work as a corporate wellness consultant. My passion is helping women like you own their power and shine their light. Together we can create a new world of kindness, peace and abundance for all. I know you’re ready so take a deep breath and let’s dive in!